What is fair and what is reasonable?

“Blah blah on fair and reasonable terms.” “Blah blah where economically and technically feasible.” The UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, likes to make liberal use of the term (and its synonyms) “fair and reasonable” when setting obligations. It crops up in the General Conditions, Significant Market Power Conditions, other legal instruments, where they exercise their adjudicatory

The fibre elephant in the room

Did you know that the now extinct mammoth is closely related to the Asian elephant? Apparently so, according to the good people at National Geographic. There’s an elephant in the telecommunications industry room which might as well be a woolly mammoth; but it’s sneaky. It’s hiding in plain sight and its most effective camouflage is

If I were Prime Minister……

It’s an idle chit-chat conversation in the pub with your mates; “What would you do first if you were Prime Minister?”. The usual answers will inevitably come up. “Cure world hunger” or “Broker peace in the Middle East” are some of the more selfless and laudable answers heard. Your wannabe comedian friend will no doubt