The fibre elephant in the room

Did you know that the now extinct mammoth is closely related to the Asian elephant? Apparently so, according to the good people at National Geographic. There’s an elephant in the telecommunications industry room which might as well be a woolly mammoth; but it’s sneaky. It’s hiding in plain sight and its most effective camouflage is

If I were Prime Minister……

It’s an idle chit-chat conversation in the pub with your mates; “What would you do first if you were Prime Minister?”. The usual answers will inevitably come up. “Cure world hunger” or “Broker peace in the Middle East” are some of the more selfless and laudable answers heard. Your wannabe comedian friend will no doubt

What happens when you dial 999?

The most common queries we answer in the telecoms practice here at Exonia seem to be around 999, the UK’s specific emergency services calling number, giving access to the police, fire service, ambulance and coastguard. Everyone forgets the coastguard, including the AA when they branded themselves the UK’s fourth emergency service, much to the discontent

What’s all this CLI hoo-ha?

Everyone is all of a sudden very excited about Caller Line Identification, or CLI, at the moment. On October 1st 2018, new General Condition C6.6 comes into force in the UK obliging certain communications networks in the UK to prevent calls from reaching the called party where the CLI doesn’t have integrity. Or, rather, that’s