Commercial Manager as a Service

We know that our clients are good at developing products and selling those products to their customers. However, the administrative headache of creating and issuing contracts, addressing queries is a distraction from the core business. Unfortunately, if things go wrong, and that contract is reached for, it is essential that it has your back.

It’s not just the contract terms that matter – even a basic credit check is an important part of making good decisions. We’re not saying that writing business should be interfered with by needless bureaucracy; merely that having a good commercial management process will add value to your organisation by arming you with the right information when making a sale and ensuring that your company is as protected as it can be.

Inspired by several clients wanting to leverage Exonia’s experience in this area on an ad-hoc basis, we launched “Commercial Manager as a Service” in 2018. This was designed to remove their headaches from the paperwork side of doing business and leave them to focus on what they were good at; getting customers through the door.

There is no substitute for an in-house Commercial Manager that knows your business, your clients and your products, but until you’ve scaled to the point of justifying one on the payroll, why not outsource the work?.

Exonia’s Commercial Manager as a Service performs;

  • Company credit checking and credit risk appraisal,
  • Issuing of customer-specific contracts,¬†
  • Inclusion of bespoke schedules¬†
  • Handling any queries arising.

Our Commerical Manager as a Service is provided on a fixed fee per transaction basis giving you the assurance that your overhead is not going to run away from you and the certainty of your costs when calculating your prices.

If your business has outgrown the stock contract you originally used way back when, then Exonia can draft a new set of terms from scratch or enhance what you already have; in combination with our panel of commercially aware and pragmatic lawyers as appropriate, this represents a significant saving compared to engaging external counsel alone for the entire project.

Feel free to reach out to us any time for a no-obligation chat about how Exonia can support your business.